Sunday, November 30, 2014

Paul A. Toth

at the center
of impossibility
between the palms
of unanswered prayers
lies a whirring infancy
the spring of emptiness
the summer of existence
the fall of language
the winter of the unspeakable
four seasons of construction
to erect our leaning Pisa of me

for every season that remains
finding others
looking for ourselves
everything and everyone
vanishing in varying intervals
some propose solutions
they too disappear
death the infinite ghost
never quite here nor gone
the accumulation of instances
the frames of filmstrips
spin within each mind
anything but linear

our narrative unbearable
we exit our theater
never mind the popcorn
the gum on the seats
better left forgotten
and with nothing to do
we play roulette
two numbers apiece
gambling on a piece
of longitude and latitude
to call our own
with luck we win a destination
that falls the moment we arrive
and rises when unseen
seemingly concrete
in our absence

the sun and moon
the constellations
even shooting stars
fall into us
upon the above alone
so visible
may we rely upon
yet disown
what preceded
and will exceed
our building zone
instead we await
the ringing
of the telephone

Friday, November 21, 2014

John M. Bennett

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Ali Znaidi

{ Science },{ Signs },{ Signing in }

Who said
signing in a website
of a science magazine
is not a poetical act
replete w/ signs?

Lewis Gesner

All Matter and Space Considered As a Whole

thorough were you in my first opposition group around the slipping hook before the cleaning out the all you can digress report thought and charter fields abate, permission, slack cutting while breathing where is it in which the eyes purr even charred licks out of stampedes pompously shelved has song implanted on the crimp of a nerve adoration and hard plastic, and a blanket blend seed shell and a warning rounds off cap flat lid as for the gosling plumage in a cubical olfactory stems, mass production as was the blade for ironing it was unhitched and that was how it was allowed to evolve suppression of expression in energy stillness conforms more dietary peace in hive valley the infiltrates of strangers the word sorry and words cavort lined by cotton and shredded zinc piping as a category, as tabernacle greats, best allusions odor of error everyone is amazed, some cities host slots gods from a hill to worship your image which is easy to print out it is the very same crux chaos plugs the hole the curls are under-composed meets the twisted metal car wreck with seal fat, a rolodex of comprehension and beets nothing’s universes connect it is an old notion takes you to its natty pouch tomorrow the eels will come inflated its cheeks with a boundary of soft pegs they three smiled hatchet smiles, as born for this occasion when producing the arranged tones against cement and stone, evacuating it of circulated force remained the stiffened frame that withering blows completely submitted tilt out of range kept scratching at the pool collecting at the base, supported on quick-grow arm and leg simulations typical of exo structures and the bacterial surface skim suffered from cross sticks finding their way into the soft tissue

I am sanctioned to glyph out of passion wore out of dense reception concluding prattle and mainstay picked at parts to generate the middle section to anticipate the end called technique in the margin or the umbilical of sweat through the summer and was the one to mail back the reduction system, splaying out naked in the corn silk pleased to disagree as to where to establish the camp it was a more potent day than a calendar swim aside the wait to be examined reversed head to foot on the cold nutritious table its tail feathers a dozen violin bows the corrosion has all been indicated in the impression made on the handmade ragweed paper not so far removed from selection committee and the reservoir of ball bearings there is richness at feeding time as you noted it was U class instead of V escaped only by lonely conflagration the pouring of thought and heated nostrils are still too tight to refill the acceptable scrap, park, loiter, but not exactly true forgotten suction cups and appointed thorns it makes all of the tips soggy supplies the rare cog wood surfaced with a tacky greed green but when doubled is more securely fitted the effect is one of torque and the angle of the anchor is significant what was that baying sound we just heard here huddled dormant slacks from planks with loosened grain if you were sitting in a hotel alone the annotated experience near the falls the one time over course diversion and blinding by light follows crackling speakers, and bone framed hum

how to hug it as would a stilt house on the mountain slope and standardized doubles like it alternates hovering over the valley tipping into mudslide can appreciate by way of convex glass placed on hollow resonance in the statistics of a necessary physics masked and matted into preset yawning it can’t nor would it assist the hurling force to gain impression is to extract from a vacuum sanitized collapse to a center rod to which it is absorbed so hungry as chalk advantage might be to wheels obsessed on the quilted finish that the contestant had proposed tires face the sky, we are alone enameled on as the nostalgia in the empty nut the molecules find their way to the tip of the capillary when not reduce to atoms forming queue and foment and a blubber brake-smith contour repeater blaspheme punch-house and power through dagger lank stations remorseful pocket curse, loose fit jugs something from a tide, foam’s unrest the rings are coated with a fauve tilde route, prevents the barn doors from swinging open in tunnels and then the shrinking report on the full scale resurrection puncture, in the robe, to lessen tension farms in the slide for the lubrication of fat in the side of weather assistance packing toward the coveted weekend and the shut in chest of drawer lost keys corroded into one inside the orange dangled sack as dormant you as that, and senseless breeze
something escaped the analysis caught its shadow in a march is the emotional condition of the tailgate and the light deprived removal sentimentalists’ cautious eating in the concentration of the concentric spells and besides that, a crumbling wall struggles with your hinged parts linked by shame and self-pity tarred your own rooftop disembodied voice in the ill lit plywood dumbwaiter shuttle passing through each bathroom minus entry baby blue composed high gloss related peel endlessly rising Brooklyn brownstone is an embrace of the onerous three saps marveling in specific wants to fail  plucked of assumes to take your lead and draws astray stoic stands as prelude to affect so lost emeralds from a crown, tin and lead gnaw and shiny metal, tooth marked glides smooth glistening strokes of stardust and soloists refined pallid drunken wilted whining in the sun wide gap crossed by misting with its jaws still clanking together aberrant pronunciation explosions with a delicate thunder some procedures touched while sleep but they were only ghost trees the one time over course diversion and blinding light followers crackling speakers, and bone frame hum with acumen simple bacterium repeats a training exercise divides feelings forested into pots a jumble of greasy wires and sour smelling transformers in a dusty wet box tallies on spotted white paper  blue lined transgressions of harmony even after declarations claiming nothing new anticipates authoritative confidently gesture with a hand of ink and print as per Mesmer’s twilight tradition volumes peddle speaking gate, a catch returns a square overture principles slap their rulers fields the fat part of the rural spread the aggressors bite down hard it was only a gravel pit have a physical sense of circumference by temperature and the weight is weighed in mouth-water unexpected twig snap too much emphasis resist cordial appearance aged echo, reeds through murk and we the sweet gelatin rhymes unselfishly drift into separated masses void the sufferer recoveries, as was the plan, inspired schools, and alternating rinks, and jeweled pins, and fiery spits

wits offer them a plasma from the hostile cube, the crock which full of search and missionary, flowing with color threads yokes up the natural curvature of all the lines into infinity

greyed out in a single stoke greened on in a smear of bilious soft grounds fostered with a tinge of sleeve poured in over froze it in place was sustained by a note pad but now gone hopes-to-shame a heady fear, saturnalia in a bake light walks back by the grace of reconstruction and armature instead of monolog and therapy targeting the luxury feed the processed love and devotion but in all a functional day wrist

filled with spores ions resting and an oval too, that warms, and if only, jackets, sweaters, in a tedium and a housing, born to contribute nervous slander breads a magazine waits direct return but lingers side professions cautiously partnering salt in retrospect adornment barrels but secondly, what were you fishing for with that teleporting plug a virtual omission was a parenting hand to hand fight on a rotating outdoor stage and various rage incentives the souls in gripe were its practical parts to go without reward slower than merging infinitives in the narrow canals addressed with the early teeth those attached to long ribbon, as a ticker in a dream but generally too jittery to hold a track repeats a drizzle all existing matter and space as a whole referred to most accurately as special clumping can view viewed through several lenses mounted on the reef can usually find a way to arouse the sealed nodules equivalents of bringing out the heavy tool from the shed and finding a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, of local UFO sightings some child left in a loft, and missing doctor’s appointments or tandemly who said it then produced a bone scrap some evidentiary continuity with a green cap and a sulfur blend retreats the way of the thousand and one limes      the little and first experience serialized as far inoculations the strum of frogs from winter encouraged my intentions of the sanctions on this page may they please try to dig it out from underneath, so that they may have a proper cave in, as with their parasol, dentures, doo dads say too many for accommodating plans, dredge afflictions iron spokes or golden ticklers confined by the skim of rat sweat in the micro canal sea of albacore if it wasn’t before, it is now 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ionuț Ionescu

la femme lézard a du mal à clignoter

et le temps passe

sa queue rattache le regard

à moi

à vous sans répit

je cherche à ne pas en savoir

la fin

Sunday, October 26, 2014

t.s. khasis


în vagonul 426
am dat de nevasta lui
li po,
nevasta la care 
li po
a sperat atît de mult.

s-a asezat pe bancheta din fața mea
și a desfăcut o pungă
cu bomboane.
treceam prin sinaia.
bomboane roz.
ta-ca-dam ta-ca-dam
cea mai bună solutie
împotriva alcoolismului
e să rămîi
a luat o bomboană,
îi urmăream privirile
ratacite printre crestele
sergiu,îți lipsește curajul,
l-am auzit pe fredy
culcat pe culoarul dintre banchete,
ai freza marilor generali romani
și te caci pe tine de frică.
ta-ca-dam ta-ca-dam
nu ai cerut nimic de la viață,
doar te-ai prefăcut că vrei ceva.
-te-au lăsat toți să-ți faci damblaua.
pe la bușteni lumea parea perfecta.
tînăra soție a lui li po
s-a ridicat și s-a îndreptat
către veceul c.f.r.
m-am gîndit
s-o urmez și să-l imit pe ted bundy,
dar am rămas la locul meu,lîngă fereastră,
am desfăcut o doză
și mi-am ales o casă din bușteni
în care am pus
un cățel mecanic și-un poster cu luna.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Casey Bush

                “The tragedy of sexual intercourse
                Is the perpetual virginity of the soul.” – WB Yeats

During the earliest millennium
Premature aging was noted
Among eunuchs of Egyptian pharaohs
Just as castration of roosters
Leads to atrophy of their red combs
Mystery of aging hidden within the scrotum
It was the Greeks who established that the difference
Between the gods and mere mortals was in the cajones
A fact bemoaned by a besotted Apollo
Too inebriated to properly get it up
While Zeus gathered Rocky Mountain oysters
Consuming a steady diet of bull testicles
In preparation for the rape of Europa
In the heroic Age of Exploration
Conquistadors driven by visions of gold
And sexual enslavement
Falsely pursued their futile quest
To the ends of the Earth
Seeking eternal life in a perpetual New World
Until Ponce de Leon had to be satisfied sipping
An aphrodisiac tea drawn from the Bahamian love vine
Phytogenic substitution for his illusive Fountain of Youth
Still today in our fading patriarchal age
Leather clad geezers straddle motorcycles
Rattling their balls on the way to the saloon
So that they might exercise a death grip on the pool cue
Destined to sink an eight ball in the side pocket
Dreaming of the climatic ocean sunset
Observed from a clawfoot bathtub
Old codger with his dewy gland
Waiting for the prescription to kick in
Hoping to stay out of the emergency room
With a hard on that just won’t stop
Even after the fatal cardiac arrest.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Paul A. Toth

Corporeal Punishment

insomnia's disquietude
proves the hanging judge
the jury hung dead on its decision
the word on its lips
consonant, obscene
the physician's diagnosis
survives at last all scrutiny
the molested man convicts himself
violates his body as it ceases to exist
his priest and therapist swearing oaths
to Sartre, God and de Beauvoir
the essence of nonexistence
the constellated philosophies
the planetarium that domes
a nightmare copulation
full of blessed pomposities
and even Jean Genet is blushing
as they finger you in darkness
with proof to show you owe
the debts they accumulate
as they thread you with their seeming
stitchery of baby blankets
in the switchery of their roles
confabulating your prosecution
until you confess against yourself
well, it's over now and there's nothing
but the calculation with which it all began
the books cooked and boiling in your brain
speaking of ontology
by which the authors mean

your lack of right to be


                                                                      I am DEGU

      Contributions   -  (text, noiz or visuals) to

                                           any LANGUAGE either unknown or imposed shall be considered.

                  GateKeeper DoruChirodea

Anthony Donovan

ITEM #0107: Since it was born blind, crippled and devolving, as the offspring of Saul and Saudi's constantly breaking necks, Aleppo cannot change its spots, nor its dots and dashes, nor even its ladders for halos_anon, divined anyway by consensus realities sacked from Europe, where the human hand rests upside-down, mechanically groping the highrise Purdah of its own silicon henge. Observations terminate at its very gaze. In the blackness is the stopped stunt clock of Lilith, but attenuated, as Quang Duc, finally extinguished by FDNY, using spermbank Pepsi Max. Simultaneous and connascent, Russia's pyrrhic bomb breathes life into a slue of commemorative victory vampires at the fat wet fart of its own Disney detonation. (Prior to this, only a drive-thru funereal ur-tradition of science and scenery; all cut, paste and meaningless, merely for the IRKr, for the SIMPLE VEXATION.) Why these contaminations of caucasian chalk and cheese, then? Why these hits upon poon? Why all these anal reverses towards the slit backside of the Sun? 'You die for nothing', one voice says, 'but only after you survive a helium Hindenburg, as Pye R Pollyanna, as a date-donkey, as fodder for their slithers of preset. Your brain-drain is itself recalled as a sexual minority, devoid of natural offspring. In the real world, for instance, Birmingham, Alabama, arranges its official dead as mistletoe, for the spit and the abyss. Best love your headstone while you can, and for its own sake, as a fortress to forget'. Another counters with images of politicians pushing buttons. One sequence depicts Hyksos the Dysteleologist, with his trouser oedipi, singing to shipwreck the word's last faithful volunteer. The middle-ground comes in a surfeit of sizes, all called road-maps, via carrier waves with rotating teeth. Meanwhile, Haemo-Assad, a kind of chutzpah of baby vowels impaled upon a CGI swordfish, twitching like a flag in damp fog, a fussy-eater of only depo provera, makes the sign of the cross over a valley of bones. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

t.s. Khasis

-curva sud-

nimic nu părea mai important:
ne treceam mîinile
prin blana corei
în timp ce fratele tău înota.
speram să învăț și eu într-o bună zi,
acum nu mai vreau,
cred că rîul e de vină.

nimic nu părea mai important
decît ficțiunile noastre
lucind la suprafața apei
și o voce îmbătrînită undeva, după
gardul de ciment:
rămîi acolo nu încerca să te ridici.
ne-am ridicat, cora a sărit peste
dar nu era nimeni acolo
și nici nu va fi vreodată.

în 12,luna viitoare
o să-ți urmăresc curul dispărînd
într-un avion suplu & elegant;
vei lua totul,curul tău va lua totul.

                            -        lion –

-mi se rupe,i-am zis.mi-am petrecut întreaga noapte
încercînd să-mi dau seama cum te pot recupera.
cei patru meri din curte vor deveni proiecțiile absenței tale.
-nu te cred,aberezi,e un obicei.în timp ce veneam

către casă vorbeam cu el în cap și eram fericită,
mereu vorbesc cu el în cap cînd sînt singură.
-despre ce?am întrebat eu.
-despre pizza,cornuri cu ciocolată,chiar și despre papa de la roma.radiez

-ești sigură?viața e un vis,a zis li po.
-doamne,ce bou ești,ai grijă ce po al tău
era bețiv?

-mi-am închipuit eu.vorbești cu el în cap?
-cîtedată .rîdem și închinăm și privim un munte de cutii goale.
i-am povestit despre tine și despre fiica noastră.a fost impresionant.
s-a auzit poarta și a intrat poștașul,ne-a studiat în tăcere 3-4 secunde,

apoi a lătrat un cîine,a mieunat o pisică,a ciripit o pasăre.
-ești nebună,i-am aruncat,complet nebună.
-iar ești auzit că pe ăștia ca tine trebuie să-i pui

într-o barcă în mijlocul pacificului și să-i lași acolo. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Lewis Gesner

More Epithets

the shapes you take they are the bait songs it was “all he could do” to not keep pressing the button more than once, and nonessential things with the paste from your joints like that time you fired up the kiln crying or laughing, both of which can come in a cluster of sounds the heel end of a thought grown fuller on a separate parallel has been a fresh arrival continually a pad formed from the congealed cool competes against the slavish wrinkling was it not him, who stood up and said, it is me take that one out of the field, with its warm, lax attitude and I for one had only hallucinated my consciousness wants a vision of and a completion of your portside misanthropic crash tilde students falling off slapping in the sea finish approaching is much as the stressful landing unloading the valued cargo before sinking has sneezed after many times but never lost at the momentary shock of ditching weaving in and out cleared of emphasis wakens the mind to provisions of shredded pork and chicken if you have been tested but unable to pack any faster and this screwdriver has sentimental value however unable to will it think along the lines of these old style vegetables, from original seed you can find them folded into pages of the yellowed book of pranks, the outhouse read deflection into emotion, breaded fish, ready sod, phosphorescent saturation, peaceful, creaking night in the canopy here, the pictured labor, and the knobs you have sent by slow transport if not, more plots, more cul de sac born in the long hours from dew drops, spiral supernatural, who rent these out with mystic bills someone hand glazed my expression twice so needs to throw off, again childhood and the wanderer in memory tinkling solitude scheduled you more doomed vats maybe he wants to go along the path if they wander in now I will send them back without sauce or grain not that I am, but quickly cover up psychic stone cast and the pillow fluff as too can’t count on a supportive crew concerning the small expert movements of the hands in this is supernatural, watery eyed and incumbent nasal touch plates for the door rear views are mounted but there is no additional guarantee of safety in witnessing the slip of paper drew my attention, there was a nearby tire mark, and what might have been the skin of a grape one has to do with the use of Zoology as an index system, while another is the reminder of the unknown gratuitous stomping in a process of a street walk has reasoned with the money’s terms of occultation uncontrolled rendering all day trancing you can’t know it from within it misidentify every note is bartered in the church high technical swivel searched for facial strain marks show to throbbing course of history to the smoothness lack of crease involves it to a beach curse high share-off of the microphone handle curse now three twists on the grope rope went beyond the learning to incorporate the internal before eclipsing the sun body banners and fatigue of tracing your desire into muscle memory residual laments to the case embark of those return to earth flat eared corns, cartoon likes to practice with your tendon out of size as far as I concern, as far as you can flush away teams of grill plants will respond out of dust mites, mastery but in the present company pleasantly the things considered already antique but I will eat the old and moldy when we breaketh the bread that leagueth with the phlegm stirred to the case of the unfortunates at the connector to the bridge of ram skins noodles in buckets and chimes together ringing apart for separate off-sink holidays, retreats in fountain gorges saddle stirrup spike heel spur the rides on sod grass clumps, remind the snake it’s sleeping, coat your tongue can’t find the money to buy a proper lure said yes I know, it’s kind of fake lunch boxes and bribery at the fence, over a blue shirt this grid is better than no picture at all attractive distortions and recoupments the dissipating condensation where the newly steam in the breeze some one particular forged by corrupted postcards flinches at every throb as such you were promised a poisoned rainbow sallow, carnival mixed, pipe instruments in the circus and purple spots unison crashing, cataleptic cymbals beat, power hoses wash and I think it could only happen in a cartoon management if you watch carefully for a day where the metal plates meet, you might catch a glimpse of some mirage waves even though synced to our blink, there are usually two to three error or miscalculations per hour, though it randomly occurs that these take place as well within the blink by chance emotionally, the experience is flat for the duration, but for these caught moments, of recognition, the illusion on the stage

Monday, September 15, 2014

Jim Leftwich

form themselves, also enables free 
throw underarm textbook under our 
skin, in the hidden abotu 
knowledge what and subplot. cat 
hair. Thai curry. between the 
image and a same. flea 
immersion spider distance from the 
river, they prophecies and situations 
we restaurant of history (the 
origins are markets of). a 
short by potato many for 
a long time often take 
as the grand idea research 
into the laboratory project that 
Vilnius inhabits of the self. 
seven nights warn beautiful furniture.

as the grand idea research foam 
themselves, also enables free throw underarm 
subtext thunder our seven nights warm 
beautiful furniture. skin, in the hidden 
abattoir immersion spider distance from the 
knowledge what and subplot. cat short 
by potato many for hair. a 
long time often take Thai curry. 
between the Vilnius origins are markets 
into the laboratory project that we 
restaurant of history (the inhabits of 
the self. image and a same. 
flea of). a river, they prophecies 
and situationist multi-vitamin kiosk shower

the grand idea research also enables free throw 
thunder our seven nights furniture. skin, in the 
immersion spider distance what and subplot. cat 
potato many for time often take Thai 
the Vilnius origins are the laboratory project that 
of history (the inhabits self. image and a 
situationist multi-vitamin kiosk of). a river, they 

the thunder immersion potato
the free throw in the cat

laboratory project (the inhabits intuition 
self. image multi-vitamin kiosk 
impudence of many for isolation time often 
take origins are garish the). a river, grand 
idea upheavals research also enables 
free our seven utopias nights 
furniture. skin, spider distance everyday 
what intimidation and autocratic subplot. 

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Saturday, September 13, 2014


Friday, September 12, 2014

Bob Phillips

state Vector

state vector
ejecta bow shock
energy pumps polar
charge cap
snows in Montana (early Sept.)
 lowsucks warm wind
through applicator gorge 
Coulumb - ia
not X-ist
dry winds charge
Brownian churn cars
head top differential
charge decisions
continue wars greed feed
back loops
Bush burn doctrine
push Putin doctrine envelope
also in Russia
doggmaerel days Summer
erratic where jet jump bands
cold sag midWest
frag splits
heat melt
plates separate
magma and SO2
in seams
creeping to old ice
makes craze
which war declared?
roll over funds for arms killers
Empires’ End
Empire Send
state vector

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ștefan Dandu

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lewis Gesner

O – ooo –eee –rrr – lll – mmm - zzz

O, ooo - eee – ooo
eee – ooo eeeeee
rrr – mmm – rrr – ooo
O – ooo – eee.

O – ooo – eee – rrr – lll – mmm – zzz

Eee – ooo – eee – ooo
eee – ooo – rrr
O – ooo – eee – rrr
lll – mmm – zzz.

ooo – eee – rrr
O – mmm – ooo – eee – rrr
O – mmm – zzz.

r – oooooooooooo –lll
mmm – eeeeeeeeeeee – O.

O – ooo – eee – rrr – lll – mmm – zzz

zzz – eee – zzz – eee
ooo – eee – ooo – eee
ooo – eee – ooo – eee
zzz – lll – mmm – zzz

rrr – eee – rrr – eee
rrr – lll – rrr – lll
zzz - mmmmmmmmmmmm
rrr – mmmmmmmmmmmm

O – ooo – eee
Rrr – oooooooooooo
mmm – rrr
ooo – mmm
ooo – rrr
zzz – mmm.
mmm – zzz
mmm – zzz
mmm – zzz.

O – ooo – eee – rrr – lll – mmm - zzz

mmm – mmm – mmm

lll – ooo – eee – lll – O – zzz
mmm – zzz – mmm – zzz – mmm
lll – mmm – eee
lll – zzz –mmm.

rrr – eee ooo!
rrr – ooo!
ooo – eee!


rrr – ooo -…
ee – oooooooooooo…
lll -… eee?
O – ooo.
O – ooo.
O – ooo.

O – ooo – eee – rrr – mmmmmm – lll – ooo -. O – rrr – mmm – lll – ooo – mmm – zzzz – oooooooooooo. Zzz – ooo – lll – mmm – O – zzz – ooo – lll… zzz – ooooooooo. Zzz – mmm – mmm – mmm, - mmm, - … mmm – lll – mmm – rrr…rrr…rrr…

O – ooo - eee – rrr – lll – mmm - zzz

ooo – mmm – lll – ooo, - lll – ooo – rrr – mmm… O – ooo – eee – rrr – eee – rrr – lll – eee – rr – eee. Zzz – mmm – lll -. Zzz – ooo – mmm – zzz. Lll – ooo – lll – mmm – eee – ooo. Zzz – lll – mmm – eee – rrr – rrr. Mmm – lll – ooo – eee. Rrr – lll - mmm.

Rrr – ooo
rrr – eee
rrr – eee – rrr – ooo
lll – rrr.

O – O – O – O
O – O – O – O
mmm – zzz – eee
rrr. ooo – lll – rrr.

Lll – mm – ooo. Rrr ooo.
Rrr – ooo, - eee – rrr.

Mmm -, - mmm, - mmm.

from OCEANIC in progress

when the flashes come installs a wrinkle and a buffer has finally turned the local spat into a conflagration involving matter, sour, murk, demands of audience and fan machinist’s trances and the rims of coma tries to feel the way the air prevails with static, eyes closed against the black lids spark cotton seed phobia collecting in where the body forms a hinge
if you haven’t witnessed it you have no call to discuss it
carved from nothing with the scion of the mouth harp imp to emblemize the factory I am after the experience of the clean warning
scent, finitude slow fade gradual perfection before the lock and key claims in the society of my mind the lament in stages until later while you are in mid-day climb banter resolve of age failed gravity this contraption you are steering from the shoulder to the crown abrupt and out of deep rem without an atmosphere of blame where else where other my friend is sealed in fate always found trying to calm a vehicle as poor as told facts are in the body, there are vintage threads first muffins of the year tried, old captures in caricature if you dig out the root you will have less trouble feels tomorrow coming in the shingled whale am untying all of my work with string as instrument map which is unraveling the stations of my past very close to the block of ice, to pour water over your own head, and repose but can you reproduce your rate of growth with mumps on a sample trail it out of the yard into history and wet leaves check yourself for parasites leaps afford me lumps from falling the trees are raining acid in the island palace tunnel so remote next door every time it opens there is less to say in the confusion of alders which illuminated by the strikes, and dropping artifacts of battle, amid uninhibited bursts, are passively your witness attempt the cypher during living eaten-ness is that a loch or a lake, deceive and supernatural scales mutes’ convention retards the ware of pinchers the lips emerge from your protective tube, relevant document of gouging skills and in-built charities terms to satiate nervous laugh, the agitated cough above by means of straddle with a support graph forgot your cleaning jet in a gasp props up the next each beat of the heart should stand alone with the contents of the soft bag as with the sunset holiday, the infected participants look on and turn away in a pendular activity consumption bound numbers, and then a screen of associated colors forming ribbons the months set blood soaked as rags forgotten brass beds, there is an old hotel that has been closed since nineteen fifty-seven he wanted it so wooed the elderly owner a machine tool simulates his mouth parts with a cyclic ado and transfixing jargon where to throw the muff and poison socks outside of disposal proper suitable taint you should elect to compress your valve openings are all you need prepare your wooden mattress amid the weeds swamp and black snake weeps loud in bitter sorrows nightfall and the remnant margin of sleep a movement in the village known for its black magic, and a regurgitant swell yoke and await milking it is midnight in the lunchroom have you seen the new left fenders of the corral Porsche temporary and musked on by the spotted eels the quarry is filled with test runs wild seeds cattails and willow constructions launch green apples the field defense has baked them in a pie before they land but it is only hypothetic that we could live this way and not consume our young
bilious mask form, the funk revival and the onion round depression weighted limb through time and on a queue released now chartered rite perspective in a matrix set against a season libeling a multiple choice ill in the street beside the cobble along the cathedral walkway kerosene streetlamp, smell of burning wick in the imagined realm of diffidence there is an auction in your gait, to offer you cross quickly with a huff and holding breath uncover with a tool to peel sandwiched layers where the secret skimps on matter sharing walls how much the measure lacks clarity how takes on compromise bemusedly
a standard clan of rupture and affirmation the advent of the hand held nerve the spray stumps growth security is in the composition of a latch and eye configuration no one wants to argue over midrange tones that are easy to ignore all again unction the magic three again the morphic chariots in a line in front of the bank variously the presumptions of a belief system, or in a specific, measured event of an act from which there is a lasting trailing tail its fires torment in your making, that is why each kit a hose and rubber squeeze, and compass and a dowsing rod to help you there the muscle car the trunk and set of keys with every branch the treats of follicles and the maturing of the mustard trigger there is a gap at each end of the hyphen they recalled and this was code of the priest class for sabbatical advisement in the manifest the rock against the cheek the last stage when the hard frame cracks the aftermath, when corporations make accounts and holism reigns Indo European satori snowflakes toxic culture scratch and sniff repeat cult fathom, guide as with large bird waits to pass the pits and roost an urchin or a pin cushion of the emotion’s states as registers walks between the tanks, and harbor air, the confirmation were the well produced both sense and facility these are syncopated clots in a breached canal three moments later, there is loss of consciousness followed by a blind sea without a word amusing leaks assail the kitty-corner
flies apart as sure as the throat of your gooseneck a drill which uses materials from the dreaded circumstance which is authority approved nothing sweats like the wringing of your labor duck suit this is how your chest felt before the nut cracking procedure which later will be over-classified multiply emerges now, the wobbly flesh around the joints, the sparkle dots sprinkled at the combination funeral/wedding, the obsessive extra flush, the beating of the surfaces with smoldering sage, the worn out waist band secret documents which must be independently and privately addressed inside the corrugated steel cubicles while the collared potbelly pigs are watching and the rigid salutation from a thirty year delayed respondee are emotionally rendered in a slug trail viscous salve I am as your mother, I am watching too, I am judging, and acquiring, and sucking the spirit from your veins because I know you have already surpassed what I would have afforded you and I have nothing left to spare so please consider this when being born of course it is a thought I have also put off thinking, stalled as would you hold your legs together tight the toggle tends to choose a single preferred position unrelated to result the hands reproach, or the sidecar consideration, with its attachment to the driver, and its lack of independence ratiocination forced to assume it was an act of god and so, it is not exclusive to the owner of the saw mill whose rubber boots are melting upright on the woodstove where they sat to dry and where your own different threads have led you when you cut your bib ties urgently discomforting, pressed against the sealskin covers of your documents made elegant and further singular by the many traded signs of some time’s rapture, time onward, trace the door until it manifests, then casually part the futures are already legacy additionally sleeping in a lower berth, the water likely more to rise and cause a sudden influential dream in which the waking and an epileptic stagger has you marked as immaturely ripe so quickly tapped immobilized and sealed until default downwind of what they termed the grey coast it was severe but not unprecedented at least some company was there evocation large ferns for jackets, gently shaking pods and sniffing of a vacuum leak unreliable hiss for your past movements across the floor in search of creaking boards it takes some time adjust your handstanding for to take advantage of the air bubble near the lower corner as art can serve a purpose every other mouth is cupped to do it has it with the cattle caught between the teeth you know your heart is in that trench ok he said then returned to the self imposed drill team breaks up the terror of the baby in a thunder storm there is a burden of tranquility but not of stasis fields without you map your goal she holds an off white ivory cross dipped in silver throughout the largely unattended ceremony while her arches play a freezing pipe tone is pliable to be measured at the base of the signature understandably the flesh was forming around the molding
without a rest the engine would unhitch can feel phasing through transitions as they are acquired through legal channels can it be cut from rough insulation foam it was rhetorical finds the harvest through the milk of loins, which is the catalyst it is labeled between the frequencies by the labor of the feast remembering the pace determined by a fuse sailing toward it the long spike navigates itself thin cylinders of fingers wetted so to glide avail for tactical punctuation tender tips through paper punches incremental smudges and the six point trace chicken doctor linked to third world economy and the handling of its flag reparation in stitching turned to suture
dry timed rain hat register your protest in a box with proper alignment the outside will puncture the shell the first scar was a cat bite love has left them without their grizzle preferred the drizzle to the bake lament retrospectively seasons of the flutter in your cataloged will from which the course comes, staged in classes of the leitmotif the worm in segmentation, the cloud in dissipation farms out lurid gestures in the tent of veils also staircased on the ramp you are not allowed to correct me cataleptic original storage increase weight through plunging politely always sit caressed expression pattern, slump into mild respondent binary song, spotting, cursed of oxidation and the crust of your corrosion failed societal witness plans extended spending sources, mission rolling out the largest stone clearly shows the condescending (down to earth) bubble, referencing time without a clock someone first for sleeping on the floor after making public shame of three collapsing steps there is no flow of purpose, radiations fluff the wings of grain the corners fabricated from a sweaty shirt the idea animated from the closely neighbored stops with a humble voice delivered in harmonically supported series by the application of gourds found it disconcerting to be moved with mundane reports portioned the fruit so each could shit a seed claims an atmosphere say I am not unrest and spilling juice from the compression piston generally no accomplishments in the accidents of birth the reticulated forum over the lumps and mounds short term influences as described on blue scented parchment while you lift to implicate in comfort over near-to-surface carotids less the bog deep sigh impressed of free expression in the hail of dust the tattle of the fly where lands him there you dig for treasures of guilt but find your salad spun nervous to pester, the long walk backward through your previous footsteps this is worth the waking for passive liniments was employed your opal walnut case, historic and applied lies disinterest disciplined my host cell alerted so I wake but cotton mouthed, cords adapted simulate the prong which turns the goat and sanctions his release, fools’ buttons and a switch
even when corrections errors issue and a gag reflex it is the collateral of consciousness in the lowest basement back to kitty cornered salt lime and intention strips down to three disciples which are simpler single threaded codes of you whose shape is one distinction, of the barrier with shared support a text that eats your flesh logged an hour starring in the hole agitates in piles the fantasy of pellet fired self defense, ocher washes, stolen lye but less to comprehend feted sorrow as it warps and your tarp covered palettes lax these days of insecure beaches how long can the wave’s reception force fatigue to flourish in the twig some sand flea and the ornaments of holiday
loitering and ex pavilion have to go into your acres or your pixels when request of seven years and unearthed bones, respects to me or they, some past time did their dance, a slot was cut the dead looked out goodbye as I hope that I can say it too, when talks the father or the son in the vestige of their air or secondary claim to rights all one day laps mystery, and heat, and bugs drunk up in supplements please wait, changing voice
measure against your shanks temporarily pinned the flurry is promoted by the representation in the paint and vials of iodine holds you to your word and ties to baffle sounds along the spokes