Monday, September 15, 2014

Jim Leftwich

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throw underarm textbook under our 
skin, in the hidden abotu 
knowledge what and subplot. cat 
hair. Thai curry. between the 
image and a same. flea 
immersion spider distance from the 
river, they prophecies and situations 
we restaurant of history (the 
origins are markets of). a 
short by potato many for 
a long time often take 
as the grand idea research 
into the laboratory project that 
Vilnius inhabits of the self. 
seven nights warn beautiful furniture.

as the grand idea research foam 
themselves, also enables free throw underarm 
subtext thunder our seven nights warm 
beautiful furniture. skin, in the hidden 
abattoir immersion spider distance from the 
knowledge what and subplot. cat short 
by potato many for hair. a 
long time often take Thai curry. 
between the Vilnius origins are markets 
into the laboratory project that we 
restaurant of history (the inhabits of 
the self. image and a same. 
flea of). a river, they prophecies 
and situationist multi-vitamin kiosk shower

the grand idea research also enables free throw 
thunder our seven nights furniture. skin, in the 
immersion spider distance what and subplot. cat 
potato many for time often take Thai 
the Vilnius origins are the laboratory project that 
of history (the inhabits self. image and a 
situationist multi-vitamin kiosk of). a river, they 

the thunder immersion potato
the free throw in the cat

laboratory project (the inhabits intuition 
self. image multi-vitamin kiosk 
impudence of many for isolation time often 
take origins are garish the). a river, grand 
idea upheavals research also enables 
free our seven utopias nights 
furniture. skin, spider distance everyday 
what intimidation and autocratic subplot. 

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