Friday, November 21, 2014

Lewis Gesner

All Matter and Space Considered As a Whole

thorough were you in my first opposition group around the slipping hook before the cleaning out the all you can digress report thought and charter fields abate, permission, slack cutting while breathing where is it in which the eyes purr even charred licks out of stampedes pompously shelved has song implanted on the crimp of a nerve adoration and hard plastic, and a blanket blend seed shell and a warning rounds off cap flat lid as for the gosling plumage in a cubical olfactory stems, mass production as was the blade for ironing it was unhitched and that was how it was allowed to evolve suppression of expression in energy stillness conforms more dietary peace in hive valley the infiltrates of strangers the word sorry and words cavort lined by cotton and shredded zinc piping as a category, as tabernacle greats, best allusions odor of error everyone is amazed, some cities host slots gods from a hill to worship your image which is easy to print out it is the very same crux chaos plugs the hole the curls are under-composed meets the twisted metal car wreck with seal fat, a rolodex of comprehension and beets nothing’s universes connect it is an old notion takes you to its natty pouch tomorrow the eels will come inflated its cheeks with a boundary of soft pegs they three smiled hatchet smiles, as born for this occasion when producing the arranged tones against cement and stone, evacuating it of circulated force remained the stiffened frame that withering blows completely submitted tilt out of range kept scratching at the pool collecting at the base, supported on quick-grow arm and leg simulations typical of exo structures and the bacterial surface skim suffered from cross sticks finding their way into the soft tissue

I am sanctioned to glyph out of passion wore out of dense reception concluding prattle and mainstay picked at parts to generate the middle section to anticipate the end called technique in the margin or the umbilical of sweat through the summer and was the one to mail back the reduction system, splaying out naked in the corn silk pleased to disagree as to where to establish the camp it was a more potent day than a calendar swim aside the wait to be examined reversed head to foot on the cold nutritious table its tail feathers a dozen violin bows the corrosion has all been indicated in the impression made on the handmade ragweed paper not so far removed from selection committee and the reservoir of ball bearings there is richness at feeding time as you noted it was U class instead of V escaped only by lonely conflagration the pouring of thought and heated nostrils are still too tight to refill the acceptable scrap, park, loiter, but not exactly true forgotten suction cups and appointed thorns it makes all of the tips soggy supplies the rare cog wood surfaced with a tacky greed green but when doubled is more securely fitted the effect is one of torque and the angle of the anchor is significant what was that baying sound we just heard here huddled dormant slacks from planks with loosened grain if you were sitting in a hotel alone the annotated experience near the falls the one time over course diversion and blinding by light follows crackling speakers, and bone framed hum

how to hug it as would a stilt house on the mountain slope and standardized doubles like it alternates hovering over the valley tipping into mudslide can appreciate by way of convex glass placed on hollow resonance in the statistics of a necessary physics masked and matted into preset yawning it can’t nor would it assist the hurling force to gain impression is to extract from a vacuum sanitized collapse to a center rod to which it is absorbed so hungry as chalk advantage might be to wheels obsessed on the quilted finish that the contestant had proposed tires face the sky, we are alone enameled on as the nostalgia in the empty nut the molecules find their way to the tip of the capillary when not reduce to atoms forming queue and foment and a blubber brake-smith contour repeater blaspheme punch-house and power through dagger lank stations remorseful pocket curse, loose fit jugs something from a tide, foam’s unrest the rings are coated with a fauve tilde route, prevents the barn doors from swinging open in tunnels and then the shrinking report on the full scale resurrection puncture, in the robe, to lessen tension farms in the slide for the lubrication of fat in the side of weather assistance packing toward the coveted weekend and the shut in chest of drawer lost keys corroded into one inside the orange dangled sack as dormant you as that, and senseless breeze
something escaped the analysis caught its shadow in a march is the emotional condition of the tailgate and the light deprived removal sentimentalists’ cautious eating in the concentration of the concentric spells and besides that, a crumbling wall struggles with your hinged parts linked by shame and self-pity tarred your own rooftop disembodied voice in the ill lit plywood dumbwaiter shuttle passing through each bathroom minus entry baby blue composed high gloss related peel endlessly rising Brooklyn brownstone is an embrace of the onerous three saps marveling in specific wants to fail  plucked of assumes to take your lead and draws astray stoic stands as prelude to affect so lost emeralds from a crown, tin and lead gnaw and shiny metal, tooth marked glides smooth glistening strokes of stardust and soloists refined pallid drunken wilted whining in the sun wide gap crossed by misting with its jaws still clanking together aberrant pronunciation explosions with a delicate thunder some procedures touched while sleep but they were only ghost trees the one time over course diversion and blinding light followers crackling speakers, and bone frame hum with acumen simple bacterium repeats a training exercise divides feelings forested into pots a jumble of greasy wires and sour smelling transformers in a dusty wet box tallies on spotted white paper  blue lined transgressions of harmony even after declarations claiming nothing new anticipates authoritative confidently gesture with a hand of ink and print as per Mesmer’s twilight tradition volumes peddle speaking gate, a catch returns a square overture principles slap their rulers fields the fat part of the rural spread the aggressors bite down hard it was only a gravel pit have a physical sense of circumference by temperature and the weight is weighed in mouth-water unexpected twig snap too much emphasis resist cordial appearance aged echo, reeds through murk and we the sweet gelatin rhymes unselfishly drift into separated masses void the sufferer recoveries, as was the plan, inspired schools, and alternating rinks, and jeweled pins, and fiery spits

wits offer them a plasma from the hostile cube, the crock which full of search and missionary, flowing with color threads yokes up the natural curvature of all the lines into infinity

greyed out in a single stoke greened on in a smear of bilious soft grounds fostered with a tinge of sleeve poured in over froze it in place was sustained by a note pad but now gone hopes-to-shame a heady fear, saturnalia in a bake light walks back by the grace of reconstruction and armature instead of monolog and therapy targeting the luxury feed the processed love and devotion but in all a functional day wrist

filled with spores ions resting and an oval too, that warms, and if only, jackets, sweaters, in a tedium and a housing, born to contribute nervous slander breads a magazine waits direct return but lingers side professions cautiously partnering salt in retrospect adornment barrels but secondly, what were you fishing for with that teleporting plug a virtual omission was a parenting hand to hand fight on a rotating outdoor stage and various rage incentives the souls in gripe were its practical parts to go without reward slower than merging infinitives in the narrow canals addressed with the early teeth those attached to long ribbon, as a ticker in a dream but generally too jittery to hold a track repeats a drizzle all existing matter and space as a whole referred to most accurately as special clumping can view viewed through several lenses mounted on the reef can usually find a way to arouse the sealed nodules equivalents of bringing out the heavy tool from the shed and finding a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, of local UFO sightings some child left in a loft, and missing doctor’s appointments or tandemly who said it then produced a bone scrap some evidentiary continuity with a green cap and a sulfur blend retreats the way of the thousand and one limes      the little and first experience serialized as far inoculations the strum of frogs from winter encouraged my intentions of the sanctions on this page may they please try to dig it out from underneath, so that they may have a proper cave in, as with their parasol, dentures, doo dads say too many for accommodating plans, dredge afflictions iron spokes or golden ticklers confined by the skim of rat sweat in the micro canal sea of albacore if it wasn’t before, it is now 

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