Thursday, October 2, 2014

Paul A. Toth

Corporeal Punishment

insomnia's disquietude
proves the hanging judge
the jury hung dead on its decision
the word on its lips
consonant, obscene
the physician's diagnosis
survives at last all scrutiny
the molested man convicts himself
violates his body as it ceases to exist
his priest and therapist swearing oaths
to Sartre, God and de Beauvoir
the essence of nonexistence
the constellated philosophies
the planetarium that domes
a nightmare copulation
full of blessed pomposities
and even Jean Genet is blushing
as they finger you in darkness
with proof to show you owe
the debts they accumulate
as they thread you with their seeming
stitchery of baby blankets
in the switchery of their roles
confabulating your prosecution
until you confess against yourself
well, it's over now and there's nothing
but the calculation with which it all began
the books cooked and boiling in your brain
speaking of ontology
by which the authors mean

your lack of right to be

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