Friday, September 26, 2014

Lewis Gesner

More Epithets

the shapes you take they are the bait songs it was “all he could do” to not keep pressing the button more than once, and nonessential things with the paste from your joints like that time you fired up the kiln crying or laughing, both of which can come in a cluster of sounds the heel end of a thought grown fuller on a separate parallel has been a fresh arrival continually a pad formed from the congealed cool competes against the slavish wrinkling was it not him, who stood up and said, it is me take that one out of the field, with its warm, lax attitude and I for one had only hallucinated my consciousness wants a vision of and a completion of your portside misanthropic crash tilde students falling off slapping in the sea finish approaching is much as the stressful landing unloading the valued cargo before sinking has sneezed after many times but never lost at the momentary shock of ditching weaving in and out cleared of emphasis wakens the mind to provisions of shredded pork and chicken if you have been tested but unable to pack any faster and this screwdriver has sentimental value however unable to will it think along the lines of these old style vegetables, from original seed you can find them folded into pages of the yellowed book of pranks, the outhouse read deflection into emotion, breaded fish, ready sod, phosphorescent saturation, peaceful, creaking night in the canopy here, the pictured labor, and the knobs you have sent by slow transport if not, more plots, more cul de sac born in the long hours from dew drops, spiral supernatural, who rent these out with mystic bills someone hand glazed my expression twice so needs to throw off, again childhood and the wanderer in memory tinkling solitude scheduled you more doomed vats maybe he wants to go along the path if they wander in now I will send them back without sauce or grain not that I am, but quickly cover up psychic stone cast and the pillow fluff as too can’t count on a supportive crew concerning the small expert movements of the hands in this is supernatural, watery eyed and incumbent nasal touch plates for the door rear views are mounted but there is no additional guarantee of safety in witnessing the slip of paper drew my attention, there was a nearby tire mark, and what might have been the skin of a grape one has to do with the use of Zoology as an index system, while another is the reminder of the unknown gratuitous stomping in a process of a street walk has reasoned with the money’s terms of occultation uncontrolled rendering all day trancing you can’t know it from within it misidentify every note is bartered in the church high technical swivel searched for facial strain marks show to throbbing course of history to the smoothness lack of crease involves it to a beach curse high share-off of the microphone handle curse now three twists on the grope rope went beyond the learning to incorporate the internal before eclipsing the sun body banners and fatigue of tracing your desire into muscle memory residual laments to the case embark of those return to earth flat eared corns, cartoon likes to practice with your tendon out of size as far as I concern, as far as you can flush away teams of grill plants will respond out of dust mites, mastery but in the present company pleasantly the things considered already antique but I will eat the old and moldy when we breaketh the bread that leagueth with the phlegm stirred to the case of the unfortunates at the connector to the bridge of ram skins noodles in buckets and chimes together ringing apart for separate off-sink holidays, retreats in fountain gorges saddle stirrup spike heel spur the rides on sod grass clumps, remind the snake it’s sleeping, coat your tongue can’t find the money to buy a proper lure said yes I know, it’s kind of fake lunch boxes and bribery at the fence, over a blue shirt this grid is better than no picture at all attractive distortions and recoupments the dissipating condensation where the newly steam in the breeze some one particular forged by corrupted postcards flinches at every throb as such you were promised a poisoned rainbow sallow, carnival mixed, pipe instruments in the circus and purple spots unison crashing, cataleptic cymbals beat, power hoses wash and I think it could only happen in a cartoon management if you watch carefully for a day where the metal plates meet, you might catch a glimpse of some mirage waves even though synced to our blink, there are usually two to three error or miscalculations per hour, though it randomly occurs that these take place as well within the blink by chance emotionally, the experience is flat for the duration, but for these caught moments, of recognition, the illusion on the stage

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