Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lewis Gesner

venal pest the circumstance respond the air punch in the fashion on the griffin dangling of a metal thread rod old cut simulated, touch down over the ore deposit come implanting program 

assumed protection from the Jesuit study, but folded on itself when backed into a cul-de-sac 

bound by it monolith rises through my back again it is bound to me received by a quote of unfortunate food it is a foreign nutrition and causes discomfort or clumping to the wall or established and become invisible in a technique 

elaborated in the emission boards the unit and cues the handler at the valve base a monster of kindness and invention and imprint voice imprint luring play a dark harp 

uncle beaten roller the I retirement hard basin definition of the head space where I room such where tangled with the seaweed now a breakfast once it could have hobbled twisting grip and undertow now as stronger breaking first away with no assiduous repentance for the mess of bowels in the earth and walking can you climb it happen at the house near the sea it started a ways away from the shore something hard shelled in it as the turtle or the product of a caste and arriving late for style

the overlook a porch beside a manifold of venting painted brown and caster green glass geologist window case lined displayed fossils shells and manners of sea knuckles whereas down below on both side of the peninsula a beach one smooth one rough where washed up stiff and ready photo journals and a world strange remnant scorched into the early days

something like that but not where I was born  but drifted from by only a click some other melded on it from before and modified the gate with bins and places and a factory and populous lacked thumbs and weary, drooling yellow eyes surround sentiment

confuse, watery open minded to stagnation of all kinds was typical and air for lack of tanks conditioned it both in and out transcendent banks and stores of plaster setting on the brackish concourse finished with a muted solid sound 

and has the common poison of American things which I still can sit inside my jaw and not be regulated but isolated or is cut depending long wise journey preventative which stimulates but disables it from spread

check the clock

beauty comes now bold and raw ad resistant and liked that in its extended flavors shaking noises then spinning in the speed requires that it reach a pitch half of what the other says is forced the fact and serves yet another the I has no concern for that mine is the solidification of a fluid principle of open discipline without variety a puffed up ground

lingered stepping less from caution than from pace some that’s brittle to wind turn up hard inside a case as sittings there is no one there with levers which will burst the shrinking glass the meaning pro against 

meager in an overheated lock where nothing be forgot which is actual it should despite be choked without fear and I have cut off time consuming facets which would seem to lean standing in a field of cheese cloth gaps but then I am willful in it leaving other mouths 

a tiny emblem in a womb of rest

disabling belief of things worthy cowered to dropping sticks and a manufactured color mask

which clutch pre destiny fumbling at keys

sorrowful at the rows of stumps can feel the dissemination of the leveling hills

giblets typical and unpurposed 

having uses with no margins 

weather ware elite profound stock

wrench and stretch beep hum

your produce onions caps and gowns alluring spectacles biography present lies intervention district village

emery tool and files the finished tabletop regarding test wads unallowed separated into jars

licking at attention muscles through fame of magazines

care not vacuums out the hold

the flashing fell off and left the unit as pure as design but worthless 

has a body and a type-ness has a way of moving and a mapable trajectory after secondary education

the storm and special window treated cushions and small fingers tapping during sleep 

creaking beam and then leaning trees 

awareness of discrepancy and the angle of a hinge in a photograph

the seasonal rape of worms and thrusting mandibles 

ambiguous evidence and a stretch of worn shellac on the banister 

wandered proclaimed ongoing innocence shared haunting some after me entertain with a calm resentment, also in humble oratory 

can see and muss in the fellowship and is part a plan to influence subtle entry into style first 

wears a head marker

expelled look to the sides of a gap antipathy point liberated from the strap the drain of hunger pace of interrupted cooling some march one stepping out 

halt keeping then evacuating and then emerge or more erupt or outbursting cause to ray

vacancy the other shore a drill single motel room the inkness perceived submerged 

captured stationary hands

many some deep prismed phase exceptions to appear as arousal

weapons and marts delinquent absenters with a seafloor compound dirtied matters

puckered at the wrinkled center thatched and boarded up inserted aspect of a character and to come apart as found devoided leads to kindle stoves investing visiting colored by a movie and accompanied synthetic or vibration through a far medium entering in the stance of a secreted smoke the radar infiltrate the search image of the sorry missed and placed of never stepped before, the concept limbs that move this way and increments away or fore

I am near the tile work on accumulation of grit and fluid runoff pack on top of the mortar crease healthy hearted swivel and the breath pushed over at the foam monument ceased talked have reversed desired opened wide narrowed closed as produced with long honored grades of cultivated tips and identified enough they formed again 

that what scale make the factor common to lay claim the thing of base cavort even without sides to move is once the name which one ascribes 

the banner on the first establishes the following reports walks in blocks finished at the upward pins released then unspecific while a voice trails to that end

bottles pinched quarter ditch in style with feather strokes and flat perspective with a cartoon journalism the manner of the crime in blood

committed thought focus wander pile on a point stillness and mechanic exercise pencil sanded to an angle blown the dust along an edge return the similar stack and parchment crisp the fruit left out

copy out the complication of the accident even found in the scene then acted out emphatic pantomime wrung out the towel used inside

stopped to complete the discipline in the stapled paper to the goal which is a more continued state

flutter streaming out different than the common stakes fills posed on trusses set in place against the quaking earth sand and saddle horns bulkheads on the ground of flaking skin show up cellar stairs and crouching inhabitant tempting invisibility 

over time and you are upside down you should find your cards and emissions spotting the sideboards 

test the gray to the eyes viscosity how many added can the drops be heard

sampled outcome puts aside a grill on its enamel paint which wanting had it come would come replacing counted out the combinations made a history too loose from a series could be constituting any act’s instruction set

cluster at the sentinel insipid curl of expression language gobbled by machine rejection

spilled the rays of poison

had it a spouse about by too much vision flattened in a pamphlet one is written by each who has had participation through the fifteenth year

escapes the idiom through natural magnetic revulsion 

I come back the early share of artillery and fractured engines

scattered tries the expression of adoptive taste finalizing into increasing finer description until there is no object left

rupturing what is within the power scope and level of trust no damage then

a pressurized canister or brick and it contains the futility of the storied life optioned in examples and anecdotes

free from document had the needed release from forms

ground to the disciple in the lines after short exposures talk about a cedar path pinpoints, radiation

them as the victims of permissions after which no natural allowance

knocks bind up savings while the pictures clipped are spreading in their other disorders and the second figures

thought is textured on a floor

thousand yearly habit numbered each selection in a self defaced polling

grind with the mill wheel first then the rough fur

the charged heads bead off superimposition nothing yet collaged

free lack of spaces the partial iron drums, wooden barrels jacketed with rubber falsetto membrane

spending opportunity and the attention to the pinning, quiet mystery obscure irrelevance 

current with the overgrown wagons

contiguous to the clauses broken off from their mounts

the remaining period flavor with the digressive harmony closer to the Christian transcendental repose of dysfunctional farms

once more in the turning of address in over downward triangle was a threat and was naturally wronged socialized to forget

have an outside, guarded to describe the space

has kept away from report has no crime wall and an aged feel for regret or guilt fuss no god to render fate mechanics of the air and dirt as best from stupid men

the mat and rug and tarp for rotating conditions cover coats soften and hiding

see directly from a different face dependent parts, another basic instruction reduce the pulse to erratic discharge second instruction 

fide a personal junction correcting for personal adjustment

waves over harmful tight lungs

the same as the subsidy funds rippled in there a tree bark with a chemical burn represented the scumble after the first fall of leaves

the statement was withered up they said for overabundance 

tormented hatchet underlings removed the carriers and the sitting class establish rooting

submerged from the dotted slack of the surface, lost no hope renewed by breathing thickness

sluice gate Armageddon tab on the corner and security fosters loved each drip slipped through a tape gun of pseudonym 

the rubber collars come to tar because of sweat with cracks that pinch, and the feel of leaches sticking to the skin 

scrub the hands with the dry relic dust moving on to the next box

tangled in the auction chest, gnarl of matter fixed on multiple renditions of a cast off live life performance tending from birth to relapse zero intervention

the corn turns up, against the drift particles forced to mass, and ropes of water snake when you dredged it

pouring out what to cap

particulate in the enclosed space with solid loose composed and isolated from what can be captured gas then liquids separated by absorbing, then define it on a single sheet of crisp paper walking out for the form requires and to be alone down cement stars and cement arches, thin wood cut into eyes and brows, then painted bright into search form, the temple next gone out to a common space invasion of tinny loudspeakers and mobile horns 

chop into the nuggets or interval knit and stray threads and wire some stiff falls returning to a state defined by matter but another in its way misdirects 

identifies traits, exhibit through characteristics in a nodule or fixed relation set activate with an imagined method of attack then carry out in fact compare theory and practice note repeat from note

a STANDARD rejection of received

conceal study

practicing local laws of symmetry, imbalance, range selection based on temporary building imagined scenarios of transposed act to programmatic tangles read from twine and a pencil on a piston

the unfocused point select that one to drill or magnify

floats above with limited skill while the barn is quivering 

the best of what was chiseled still remains  specifically the point to overcome overview

gripping that is why it’s performed with hands to generate nodes, expels a rite and forms connective pink across an otherwise white knit fiber, loss repaired becomes the knowledgeable ghost mostly in its understanding how to add when in a diminishing sequence that as theory then performance and at last a nature without which there is no presence

to take apart the bag then put it back to back the other in our catalogs made it living afterward one common stick between – selected baggage 

five sequence paper bag tour/catalog with common stick between

adjusted to a line in act anticipating it or is it anticipating when the line is made the act will find it which is more defined by search, which more unmade and first to be made

premonition wants instrumentism

shoe mar inked the concept when an accidental scuff on a baseboard instigated a written legged prose

removed from it, the vacancy describes within array of variation in the absence demands construction, is then an activated instruction set of parameters and participation in the gray field waffled through the renderer enlarging in the picture of the film strip with its equal frames, present the cavity

(Excerpt from Oceanic)

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