Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dan Raphael

the song     the smog

a luminance crossing the street between my lungs
horizon blotted by trees I could throw to
over the houses and through the cars
8 kids playing football;    no one else is home

in every room in my house is a door to another room
with someone I never met whose door opens
some other neighborhood where the clock has the runs
smells no windows opened here for months
incense   sweat    garlic with 4 feet

when I move the ladder my house ascends
as if the earth building force as a foundation
worms bursting jars     starlings swimming underground
concentric interiors a page too long to turn

when the windows find antoher station
I confuse breathing with accordion
paralyzed water anything could be in the middle of
like reverse engineering a seed

to live inside a tree without killing it
neither saprophyte or heavyweight
every wall at least 5 rituals
so much willpower forgotten makes the best roof

open to the street like a bouncer on commission
address is access    the wrong door at the right time
internal saxophone compass   
unclenching the jonts kickback suspension
been half n hour since any bird

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