Tuesday, October 22, 2013

doru chirodea

there aint nothin to it blaster
just sharpen your quill ahy-vee
&some retro antiviral morpheme
will surely induce
a most severe case
of ingrown neverneverosis
plagued by

a flummoxed yepsen

of fermioned word bosons

&dromophilia shall kick in
and you’ll keep stepping backwards

along your exquisite lipcurve
worthy of a careless winner
at yodfat roulette


  1. Mr Doru

    Did you know that Warren Harding, former US president, was born by Caesarean section thus was not "natural born citizen" , making him ineligible to be president. Just opining on such grave conspiracy...Any thoughts ?

  2. "Thomas Aquinas could gravely debate, Whether Christ was not an hermaphrodite [and] whether there are excrements in Paradise."
    Isaac D'Israeli 1670