Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Casey Bush


it's not just kitty-kitty-kitty

the animal has a name

one short shrill syllable

whiskers on fire

baby short cakes

mouthful of marbles

should help

reduce the swelling

we are all sitting ducks

fish in a barrel

like desk workers

chained to office cubicles

potential target practice

for a piece worker

gone postal

first a near fatal

dental floss accident

then splintered toothpicks

pierce my cheeks

you thought

it was the cat

getting fucked

underneath the car

but soon enough

you'll get used to it

children in this neighborhood

always scream like that.

perhaps you have wondered
why the homeless often possess large dogs
the difference between spare change and a  predatory loan
a change in scenery and a change in diet
an unexpected trip to the Central African Republic
hustled out of the Men’s Room with only your word against his
sympathetic futility is encouraged
low expectations rewarded
resistance to questioning is of no use
the average Joe on the street knows right where he stands
ready to bite the hand that feeds him until he chokes
citizens retreat into the safety of their mortgaged homes
so that they can watch dumpster diving on American Survivor
the real bums stay out on the street corner longer
they know they are better off without cable television
basking in the companionship of man’s best friend
and in fact the homeless actually have many homes
just that none of them are very comfortable
culvert under the highway
bench in the park
backseat of an abandoned car
melody whistled in the middle of the night
tucked under a warm fur blanket
with a wet cold nose.

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