Saturday, May 9, 2015

Volodymyr Bilyk

for a very long time
i wanted to have a dictionary of synonymous words
simple reason – i want to know more
and it offers you an opportunity to speak just like you’re castin’ a spell
and so
few days ago
i’ve visited a bookshop
and while wandering there
i saw the book i wanted for so long:
Caravanskiy’s Practical Dictionary of Synonyms,
Fourth Edition.
And so i take this book
and go to the salesgirl
and she looks just like i feel:
– pencil skirt
– BJ-specs
– no bra
(but i saw the book called “Bra” near her)
And she smiled to me A LOT
in a different manners:
– mock smile, shy smile, grateful smile, playful smile
and this famous enigmatic smirk
– she smiled so much – you can draw a study of smiling from her
– she had this strange presence
you know – something in her style that shows me
– there must be a Pulp song in the air
so i give her the book –
and she says:
“one moment, i’ll go to the backroom and look for another copy…”
And she goes there
and resumes the conversation:
“…You know,
years ago –
when i was in high school –
i hated dictionaries
and always tried to tear them to pieces
and then kindly reassemble them into something more pleasant to me
you know – chaos reigns”
and i say “yeah, i know that”
and she laughed and returned from the backroom with another copy
and continued talking while holding the book before me:
“you know –
i still think
they make you go in circles
instead of moving forward –
but i know it’s not my business
but i can have a certain kind of influence on your vocabulary experience…”
And so she took a bottle with a blow-gun
and perfumed the book with some dizzy flavor
And then she gave it to me and said “Have fun”
indeed i have – A LOT –
I can’t flip a page without smelling it
and gettin’ really dizzy.
BUT i think it’s allright.
Now reading this dictionary is like diving
You need to hold your breath
You have very limited amount of time
And you need to stay very focused –
You need to get to the point – period.
And somehow she knew i need it.
I guess she get it just by looking in my eyes.
Another tremendous achievement of kindness of strangers.
Weird manifestation of concern and care.

(first published in  Haggard & Halloo Publications)

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