Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Donna Kuhn


i live in afghanistan and i am enjoying your washable nose
i am enjoying the brown sky, i am enjoying columbo and
perhaps coffee but i'm not gonna ask u
i have a door with a wool girl again
the world is my profile
i work the brown sky not like a wool dog
saudia is washable
go live in a harness
the scream of europe
he sees it, i do not
a mummy with a shopping center
dear alice, please order your raincoat
your washable swan has this dream
dressing after curving, after the parades
i am enjoying my jam and i am up
torn up, all torn up, all torn up in the
torn rain, it is late and i am enjoying
my raincoat
u are bankrupt and u are a security video
i scream in my own ears
curve your fire and beam
kill your song for $53
rent the rain at an angle
beam a love chain
snow is an inmate that bends your dreams
go need a sky
i rain on all of
war is $53 and it is brown
the lake is all porn drown
u probe love, the wool girl
who doesn't dream, who
bends your dream with a
corn injury
this is curving your ocean
please don't go
live snow kills the weather netanyahu is in
the world is my dressing, i am a sky after
his porn
u have me and i blog u
i kill your shopping center for $53
after a stint of brief power i see that
shopping is love
my war is meat, a mummy profile
the war is not what alice needs
i am washable and i am bankrupt
i'm in syria again and it doesn't
look like i can rent a dream
i enjoy the live door and your
disinformation hair, this congo
pizza is $53 at lake rain chain
the sky is torn, it's a cartoonist
$53 dollars for liar ears
torn not against all please
be a song on a blog and
i am a swan in california
in the brown rain
curving a paper sky, it is late
the world is a raincoat again
freezing columbo curves an
inmate like a rolled liar
california rolls on fire
i have your hail, he is
the weaker order, he
is it
$53 liar ears, curve your hail
he has it slain it
i am enjoying my looks
and i am enjoying my
california is a watchdog in the rain
i need the world's washable coffee
i need to bend my porn chain
i kill my raincoat and saudia rolls in
after you're a dreamer in the snow
i need ocean flare and lake hail
a school girl is love and is
torn in the world's parades
your power annoys u and u beam
columbo screams an injury
netanyahu is lake security
u probe love and roll against what
it is late and i am dressing and i
have a blog and a door
california is weak and u are washable
and french again, it is freezing and u
rolled on a mummy
meat war swan pizza
a $1 drone for your
saudia has ocean ears and
the news says it looks like rain
i am who against an angle
i believe, says the inmate
in tighter detention detensions
after the sky is like a girl at
the without center
death is brief and orders dreams
netanyahu saw me and he
dear angry corn settlement
shopping is like power
your disinformation video hair
sees the war is a washable
teenager in brazil
your dream is in the ocean
enjoying it's bankrupt mummy
u kill your work and your door is a washable swan
it is the sky not the sky, your paper injury
u have no idea how torn my watchdog is
when u bend disinformation in the sweet
sky profile
california has a pizza cartoonist
i have the curves please, i have
a brown swan and i am meat
chinese weather is enjoying the rain
california is 53 and is enjoying a war

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