Friday, March 6, 2015

Bogdan Puslenghea

people in pictures had all the fun in the world you sit tight and watch
breathin Sky cant lie to Earth Natures TV not soapy
musicians fucking time up/ ravishing our brains stab the night bloodless/ miracle as protuberance over matched ignition/ animal task/ fusion / // /// 4 //////// act all the way down to lobster troll

From A to B, sequential Side jacking and intro cut Virtually unique
The sound of Steps, rain, light The sound of thunder The stillness of
your body naked bathroom white image reflecting mirror as usual
before the rituaL
servants for a good time with shoes at eye level hurry. Trespassing Tiduditu dada V
Very good sou - stones are not gifts or love for police - pretty good sound
Caption Cap

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