Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lewis Gesner

Approaching the Hill

at least it was a trace
in our fiction
cultivating objects to remain within our spin
mismatched in the maturity
can feel attached in association to many parts
bloating blurs the fringe
a light pressure on the back, but is only an indicator
an internal reaction
primitive voice, squeal of falsetto
smell of dirt, chickens
highway to the cubicle
rhyme study, flattening of one syllable and another mounting it
ornaments a column
false choice to escape cause
transforming into popping bubbles
returns in a canister, the bones white, having been cleaned and separated
thus have slipped into something new
vegetative and smooth
rejected copies
are a better presentation
calibrate how put together are the thinkings
adjust to timbre
inserted, and today is celebrated a body of insinuated topics
the tube is clogged
study these requirements
steer toward the slope
external to formal education, and what is had within it
often cloistered to a second set of clothes
based followers through the
contract team expect close alliances
and the drill team still it was
beyond an empty shelter slowly
through observation and romantic
conjoining has a waiting period unlike
sleep, the time the engine runs as
a path readjusts constant briefcase
five pallid templates watchful lens
true punctuations of the window,
traded filters the eyes follow
something in the sky behind the
sculpted head, responsive language
restlessness at the window the beaker
is overflowing now excited to combine 
finer static scopes the lateral shape
in our process, gleaning, putting aside, compromising and rejecting
pokes in a grid in as many direction as the shift allows with complete 
rotation – thus a set, each flat space with a focus
can attest to anything

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