Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jim Leftwich

Call It Anything, said Miles Davis
"orthography is syntax"


reap centu the wo-ba
editor Amerix
communr edir the
wor the. to create a
special coat
incorporatir of wort
art historians on
the barge of the
soud, during styles
and abstract snacks.
worl readymade
universal salad
sails snail, fearless
and dilution, the
lake. dolls dripping
the granite bird
sepul-vi ephemeral
one explained
broader, window
onto the continuous
road, who lessons
less their lettuce.
lest there lettuce,
tracks howling by
a future, heft is
a smoke to, paper
decolonized, in
conversation with
your secular dreams.
resurfad fashi
discussior are-futu
liber consumerist,
agenda after whid
P-math Latin some
same Bermuda
rectangles of
capitalist art,
told you last week
just as plain as
a man can speak,
equanimity parallel
intellects recombine
overt lettersponge
"Coat of the Deft"
an heralde
therefore whose
the initia, radicak
or cereal they,
among o theat fire.
changing clang a
sound-fire the
tubes the hose the
interfere referee
the cr slowly
referent how each
peach beach
approaches poached
and contr varietyx
in the sea snoring
shores, direct
laundry, on our
toes and running
between the four
sonnets, bowling
lotion, boiling
notions in keeping
with the city
(idea) capital A
nothing but the
question their
expects in events
standardized by
there forms
between social
as coinciding
ever sinc by the
spiders, streets,
enclosure of the
bones blossom on
the corner at

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