Friday, July 24, 2015

Mark Sargent

“the family tree more like kudzu”

climbing, coiling, trailing, perennial—
subtle the morphological differences between them
they can breed together
they can transgender the gene pool by
plunging in from the high dive
and penetrating the bug-ridden skin—
spreads via stolons, roots at the nodes
and by rhizomes you will know their territory, or lack of,
under-coded multiplicities broken and beginning,
partitive, parallel, prolonged, a trace
a biology clinging to the surface.

They are slaughtering goats in Artemesia.
Aunts and uncles, cousins and the like
gathered in the orchard to cut some goat throat,
afterwhich you hang them from an olive branch to drain.
Insert a bit of surgical tubing in an incision in the hide
and blow, inflate that mutha so he’s easy to skin.

Still breed and spread.
The sun goes that way, so do they
to Canada, America, a Hamburg convenience store
a place to forget and inch forward
one slice at a time.
Hold the anchovies, they are just too old world
for Topeka.

Not tree but map
in the middle coiling,
snapping in the air,
an over-pressured hose
spitting rainbows through the sun.

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