Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lewis Gesner

another excerpt from Oceanic 

so likely defined late arrivals in resin be fragments come concrete hyper evaluated hued conditions in the night of the fish bin when they bit you while you tried explaining the lines that scribble to me calcite floor mops abandonment to embellishment and embolism and a skidderish occupation of a key crater based on available easy to resonate catapult strings, wound with onion fetish got a nice bevel on it anyway phrasing deep beyond the mote in your lap
wired the protrusion to the row of anticipations lodging happy declarations on the sandy mounds of pioneers the labeled backs of bottles and the hedge that houses testimony after level four the cells return un chaffed stakes a pole and bends around in urchins summer across the link to spring aggress spined seat three unctions purified by speech transistors, the cortical white slates to contemplate these vaudevillian screens and escalated drawn out slapping wave moons insulting who is the one completely repeatedly that drops the pencil in the milk accomplished love of dreams you were half right by the window invasive discipline of squelching and too past following artificial and flowing out of the mouth on the trident symbol gas be-choken stability of lateral transfer to a beat composed by impulse transpire out of living where is it may day darling itch of stone collateral in accordance with the sweat sickle please in the interim waiting for a proper basket use a corpse liner at least the third highest rate hobbling requires more tissue glued in a muddle of rejected selection a tailored voice pristine as extract an ancient wall of personal judgment conflicting an urge to worship the look that salts bake drams forgetting how the arch supports the shank in recommendations to the appearance, contributors at lunch expect investment to be wasted
zipper over clip, snap in ratio to buckle, pin to button so disclosed sensing over stenciling
other fascinations with attempted removal of worms from holes and has a receipt for the poisoned pots wonderfully anticipated enthusiastic grind with a wheel and sand buff with circulating spring water for your divination need in the crisis rudiment expression in a closed fist wet around a nodule of earth’s skin deposit stolen equation time brave vacuum chosen from nine arm sets eaves reach out meditation well prepared liquid intervention the child said sea salt and fossil breast crimps the perforated test guide more than required, which is a mere indication consider the smear of a patch unconcerned for more dogmatic statements of demand nuthouse roundabout when the hubcaps rolled into the untended shrubs ugliness and with their small brain cases in the first place stopping doesn’t mean you’re done, determine other staples by a puncture allow that music forces forward, a sculpture uses space as if not time think of molecules that are rickety still the pilgrim staggers over the edge with bad legs and declares a finish, his cadaver dissolving in a drum more than necessary reading plot of a washed out rider or ammonium sequester as close together as an encephalogram’s vertical margin without being declared a double suicide the crackling of BBQ insulation a junkyard fire out of hand a coil of smoke over ice water dissection as the chemicals are removed from the film, the stoic matter pans but it will become cooler yesterday empirical coughing a bad report various the select of holsters where the boot inserts shavings from a leopard rapid itching count down sympathetic belief over what they call a bail wart strategy and a complicated herring on the watch of assault managers in the dark but will it fit a different body nervous calculation tapered on the without disassociation order ephemera fresh covering predominant in the glossary of labor terms, and obscene idiom, and tales of phantom limbs intricate as the reach of capillaries under the snow the system finally turn off using three forms of custom switches the cough designed beyond dislodging comes on to engage the haze dissuade of pies and livestock clutch in a wound garden, ratio retainer for binding about the grafted stem suction frequently a half day off before or aft rough hewn mutton taken with a chisel it took ten years in retrospect for the development of the color associated whistles set (from the bones) and pigment calendar (from the condemned hotel) and dreamed the sideline of embedded maxims all or nothing from the battered Cyclops asleep again this nap a coma in a tray of cinders nothing very grizzled, ballet treatment transfers between hospitals the old fat sacks growing longer their gills were thick and worn down to thumbs in eminent thrust closer to the conditions of the first test grounds with pseudonyms has lain the saucer out, has a cloth to symbolize the stitching of the family tree, and a distant counter, with a diagonal for one angle, so the eye can’t rest, but tumbles forward from the  model of the odd number sizzle sounds, was food, was arrogance, was ratiocination in a year energizing the run through of the high setting boundaries, perched on top a third floor with illegal build, began as roosts but soon evolved from thatches and from chicken wire when they poured cement and gold-ball latex on a narrow dormer nest and stood back in there construction are until a finish, when the heavy shouldered constable returned and had them tear it down with nothing but conducting batons typical resonance of bloat and canal still, spent decades looking for the tender underbelly some of legend now and counting steps grated through the muscle and the straw hat first, to purify the home, and smoldered in the era of the blender constant churn opposite to the body fatigue you described the emphasis being a mass shifting weight against the gate of endurance ghostly figures of clay and old gentleman’s spice rack expirations over the counter and prescription cheese after building up a pinch before any more were born of the beast causing the front door to bang in the wind ominously is the Everest of the clamming trade among the local stooges
chatter, karaoke, water from a hose over dry earth had that dust sound, overcast yet, broom using a professional calming agent experiment to the gill, also evolved but of course unable to return or reverse in a preposition relation, the most popular settings, the switches with a few graded dials allowing minimal interpretive control slander in the process of the build your case guide portions fall from sharing petals grass of the grave mounds over seasons of collecting seed envy the poor stupidness rushing into sameness of family history and moldy curtains a bit for disconnect of the cord they forgot was buried there, (hit it digging in the harbor) sounds fitful crash of toys, materialism stuck in your belief in cycles, and hopeless fates mindless in the observance of markers and the time temp containment permanent but fragile urns and rooms you rent in corners and cubits I predict past blemish the expert wanders, pits, lairs at the time the quick feed skimped behind the drawstring without detection if not otherwise bears no fruit except for micro-plums and tin signs perceives small tremors on the tuned barrels and of course the copper cauldrons the orator designed to edge him over wisp evacuating forgiveness from the final batch no one lays convinced conflicting obligations

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