Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jim Leftwich

to quote Karen Eliot: "DON'T FUCK WITH HISTORY"

even the disembodied cucumbers it seem
to you no how does
it seem too eyes
montage poetics containing
yes hello
it seemm
too bismuth smelted
bring halibut bodies lunch
gnunube persisting vibr any sential
toes a fine vigorous pig drool
of cow now how does
i have enough lackt
helters of the
deem frying
sow does
it seem to
you noblig Milwaukee convicted
of Later bed how mating
elect yes where are we now
heat studious postures minus will
interrogator Mic atypical addle erect hoh
ounce-shit burning cities jello
rick buzzard blurs roct
instawhi had against
binocular Tibet
wolves inst
in two waggle
universe talking hinge slosh
leash unwelcome temple low garbage
not far at all corn recycled
spells agents birds stopper diminish
hiss addelbows punctuaivad queue
nevada 00 olive
ears Plasm
berserk desire Eyebrowwww
estances oregblo zucchini it
yes lunch poool halibut-Frenzy
timeDeathsufi eyes serial thee now monishing
stant supervi gnarling the dollars
lack erosion autoote curato
thank your matick
machi map
knee uimaginare arre
we good good thank
you e almost midnight the
whirr of frogs vein window away
will noise yet still
onder w seduced
of death hat
curriculum Gie
os orove good,
thank you, who too


word-phallus eyelash breathing
lambs juxta-poems heming
rected Martiqo populer
two-enigma-bank staggered
sigr sor-Gibo insofar
as sofa oracles stumb
no toe glow blowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
soap leap western in
eats erssesh the the
special trembling drool gulf
mind puissance on 1956
switchboard overloaded tooth total
assault on culture hinki
finally also longer eel
surroui Done cut into
the present and the
future leaks out by
= bie Burroughl cites
attraction) the man endtwine
brainlake u-the old
party line wandering potenti
au cartoon gunpoint torrent
tonomous and haunt tongue
machine certain corn to
finance economic crust necktions
in cea write: back,
body o = enng
bollocks textile voice vote
the around-only embellishede
hypnotic corn southwest of
wallows gravel trole humiliation
burst Ep-new Dime
mirrrordust evacuates electrical gourd
remeember studied supposed aver-rastimete
converted nonviolence ashram mutilation
union with a lamp
complet subversive blurs instantly
saint venus hunt cen-rtain
sockets solo cortein hidioi
dirty six webfork teeth
street you penal effective
paper gung Bone offo
mud gobbling the time-is-blood
machine died cut-out
grit ove are you tracking me


flavors banana harness
belt like cats glint
clump the car you have
left moss there saint
marching through all
the popular tunes perilous
flat nothing here now
but the recordings talk
yolk goodbye naked
bicycle pharmaceutical wolf
voices spackling pauper
my writing arm is melon
baler caulk fades flapping
total assault on the culture
august 1962 static brandy
meat we are not here for
fun imploment torrible
big gourd-roast nose and
throat-worship voins drip
spora volcano oxplodex
i aaaaaam rabeams in
burning salt scar-rivers
language tech reg red clock
disembodied infinities two
words on a pig foam cave
birds appeared paired pears
people are Sparks how
random is torrint rapids
breast random cucumbers
slim flood in the Eye-Moon
people are merged to be
witching jetty non quark
underground Austin sliders

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