Friday, July 26, 2013

Bob Phillips


your fear comes round above you
call it, indistinct, drone as disguise

you are not sure of its size
indistinct, drone as threat

fear, you don't understand
so large, you figured stick figure fear

you expected sound like reprocating fan
got jet damped stealth now

and folded wings
on carrier elevator

for your own good, darlin
in loco parentus, so you need not fear

idling, fear, outside your peripheral
sense, someone watching, deja fear a chill

fear hairs stiff, fear skin taut
eyeball shift at edge

drone painters beam dots
dance day and night your surfaces

little livid pimples of fear
someone in a cooler van chuckles

fear got you, heh he, heh heh
fear got you now

you jump like cat, on reflex
follow the dots, pahnt fear

your fear comes round above you
call it, drone as disguise
deja drone fearone

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  1. put a reading track up on soundcloud.