Monday, February 1, 2016

Bogdan Puslenghea / Maria Sicoie

The Thirty Fingers Party
It was almost dawn.
The desert was vast and simple.
Golden in the sun. Not exactly now, right.
A pleasant hum circled a black square at altitude.
Morning's styled greyness unfolded in tiny
specks of silver. Of memories
welding together.
In the art of guilt. Catch. Catch.
Deal me in.
Fucks were flying all over the place. Mid air.
Hisses into a pure moment.
''Fuck your money, too. And
''Your stupid guns.''
Which seemed brutal, but fair.
''Also, tell your funny boss I (echo)
''Called him a monkey-brain
''On coke. That's right,'' continued
the one and only MacroMan.
Here's MacroMan.
Choke on it.
Like he used to do when he spake
for himself.
Show me your cunt, bitch, type of things.
Even though more sensuous.
And GoverMan really felt it that.
And GoverMan likes the things. Uh. Oh yes.
But MERM, er, no, no, MacroMan knew
alight, that, this was - out of place, to think of now.
They weren't alone. No. Typical.
It was a thirty fingers party. Typical?
Enter Dino. ''Just as rich people are...
''Better than anybody, baby
''You said we'll go by baby
''Baby By''
So typical. Capital Baby.
''Fuck America Fuck China
''Fuck Russia, Turkey & Europe.
''& Fuck your Northern Hemisphere
‘’Thank you.’’
''Fuck your techno-capital, Mr.
''Sweet Talk Suit&Tie Soulless
''ZeroZe rawZero4Zero.''
Who said it? Who said that? Who?
Tough business, guys.
Tough guy, businesses.
GoverMan or MacroMan?
At least he didn’t say Israel. The Holocaust is safe.
Just lol at this point.
Lull at this point.
''I give you powr!, baby''
Dinoboy, you're in trouble, boy. Oh, yea.
Say it fast. Say it quick and backwards.
''I give you something baby
''You take me for a fool baby
''Maybe you give me time baby
''Maybe I give you time baby
''And money, baby’’
Hey, where are you from, Mr Funny
Mr. Boy? Mr FunnyBoy
Never heard of it. Oh yeah.
Yes, but you know. No.
Back to the dream planet baby and the dream.
Back to other stuff. Back.
MacroMan, GoverMan & DinoMan walked
into the desert in full sun.
It was the thirty fingers party
and everybody was there
written by Bruno S, found and edited by Bogdan Puslenghea

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